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Dedicated Home Theatre Designing Experts in Hyderabad

Building a home theater room can be time-consuming and often a complex process. But once you have chosen the essential material like windows and floors, it is time to get to the good part of home theatre designing by accessorizing your entertainment experience. After all, who doesn’t want a personal home movie theatre room in Hyderabad? A home theatre is more than just a recliner and a screen; so many exciting features like controlling the lighting, enhanced picture quality, sound controls, and more contribute to a better movie experience. With us, you can go beyond all the possibilities to achieve the future of home theatres.

Our Work Process

There are many steps involved in home theatre design, including installing sound, screen, and ventilation systems. Design is the key aspect that distinguishes a home theatre from other ones. Our home theatre design ideas stand out in the market as we have in-house designs and experts who promise the best cinema experience in your home.


Top-notch luxurious designs that enhance your cinema experience.


Practical home theatre environment and comfortable for long movie marathons.


Dimmable lights that are remote controlled to limit distractions.

Acoustical Performance

We determine the sound quality through high-resolution audio measurements and simulation.

Exciting Home Theatre Room Design Ideas for you

How do you envision your home theatre? For some people, it is more or less like the replica of a classic cinema hall with red velvet walls, dim lights, tiered seating, and a popcorn maker. For others, it can be a highly modernized minimal version of this and completely different for the people who never really grew up going to the cinema halls. No matter how you envision it, we will help you achieve it without any hassle. We achieve your dream home theatre in Hyderabad with our interior design professionals.
Share your thoughts and plans about how you would like to see your loved ones enjoying this space, and we will come up with the best Home Theater Design & Installation. In cinema seating, we make sure that you have the ability to turn on and turn off the lights conveniently. We try to install these lights behind the seating area so that your viewing experience is not hampered.

Our team of design experts leaves no stone unturned for the ultimate home theatre designing in Hyderabad. Allow us to install a brand new home theatre system or renew an existing one and see it yourself. Serene Interio has both finesse and expertise in this field so that you can watch your favourite movies on a big screen in the comfort of your home. We aim to make this viewing experience better for you each day as we pay close attention to detail. We carefully design such spaces and ensure that it is nothing other than the screen, which reflects light on the viewer. For this, we plan wall paints that are matter finish and avoid installing objects like shiny door knobs, furniture, and other shiny surfaces that might cause a viewing distraction. But this does not mean you have limited design options; unlike other interior decorators in Hyderabad, we design a custom home theatre for you with several materials and design plans that suit your taste and preferences. If you like a decor piece, we will highly suggest you paint it matte for the benefit of the viewers. With years of experience, our team is among the trusted group of interior designers, so you can hold our hand throughout the process and get secure assistance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The primary things that you will need are an excellent dedicated room for viewing, sound system, TV monitor or projector, connection, and cable wires, comfortable seating area in front of the screen, and more. However, we are here to serve you with all things required once the design plan is finalized.

    We would highly recommend you to opt for carpeted floors as they absorb the sound better and block excess noise around the room. You can either go for wall-to-wall carpeting or carpet tiles to enhance the sound quality.

    The power consumption depends on the type of technical setup used. We generally prefer installing layouts that minimize power consumption. Our dedicated team will be happy to guide you about power usage while choosing suitable home theatre systems.